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Having Trouble Ranking Your Site?  Now is the Time to Reconsider Your Approach to Indianapolis Search Engine Optimization

If Indianapolis search engine optimization is an integral part of your business, then you are likely feeling the pain created by Google’s most recent Penguin and Hummingbird Updates.

Many websites are having the same trouble, even some of the biggest commercial entities. As websites continue to fall completely out of sight, many Indianapolis business owners are starting to panic while wondering how to develop and maintain a new search engine optimization strategy.

The good news is that you can still rank your Indianapolis website.  What may surprise you is that, because many sites got nuked by Google’s latest algorithms, the playing field is wide open.  Still, your updated  Indianapolis SEO strategy needs to be implemented as soon as possible because it will take some time to reestablish your site at the top of the search engine rankings.  Indeed, every day you wait to update your Indianapolis SEO is another day of lost revenue.

What is the “Google Paradox?”   Understanding it is a Key Element of Successful Indianapolis SEO

Google’s most recent updates didn’t change the rules – they changed the entire playing field.  Google’s newly developed algorithms allow their company to enforce the rules they have always urged webmasters to follow, but they still caught almost everyone off guard.

If you’ve been using Indianapolis search engine optimization to generate traffic to your website, then you likely used standard back links from other sites that focused on your own dedicated keywords. This was standard practice for search engine optimization and because it worked so well, everyone had a good run.

Until now.

Because Google is requiring that backlinks have context instead of focusing solely on simple phrases, failure to follow this simple rule will result in a penalty that significantly damages your Indianapolis SEO ranking. Links to your site must also exhibit a diversity of “natural” phrases, not the same repetitive phrases you grew accustomed to using.
Consider this example:

If you were using an accepted search engine optimization strategy to generate traffic to your Indianapolis roofing business, your backlinks may have simply been phrased “Indianapolis Roofer,” or “Indianapolis Roofing.”

You are now required to include keyword specific phrases within the context of a larger statement, and Google is strictly enforcing this rule. Breaking this rule will result in a site demotion, making it almost impossible for customers to find you on the internet.

To remedy this problem your SEO backlinks must now be phrased similar to these examples:

  • “Click here to learn about our Indianapolis roofing services.”
  • “Looking for a Indianapolis roofer?”
  • Additionally, natural links like “For more info,” “,” “Company Name,” “Website,” “Click here,” etc… help in increasing keyword diversity.

Can you see the subtle difference?

Why is Google’s search engine suddenly so eager to enforce this rule?

Google claims that they want links to be generated naturally, but if your website doesn’t rank and nobody can find it, how is it possible to generate “natural” backlinks to your website?

Obviously, it’s not possible.

This is what we call the “Google Paradox.”   It doesn’t make sense because the truth is that Google is making search engine optimization more difficult so that they can generate more pay-per-click revenue.

Unfortunately, pay-per-click advertising is expensive and many businesses simply can’t afford it, so they are left to flounder while the competition flourishes. Additionally, the cost of pay-per-click ads will skyrocket when the full effects of these new search engine updates are felt by businesses, and profits start to dwindle into losses.

This underscores the fact that an effective SEO strategy in Indianapolis is more important than ever.  This is especially true if you are a small business owner trying to compete in the competitive Indianapolis marketplace.


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